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The Society shall have the following categories of membership:

 A. Individual Membership:

The individual membership of Society is open to Indian as well as Foreign Nationals associated with Wind Engineering, subject to the condition that they must have a recognized Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Engineering / Architecture or a Master’s degree in any branch of Science or Technology.

B. Institutional Membership

The Institutional Membership is open to institutions and organisations connected with, or, interested in any aspect of Wind Engineering.

C. Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be offered by the Executive Committee to persons of eminence in Wind Engineering who have contributed to the objectives of this Society.

D. Application for Membership

Application for membership supported by two members of the society shall be made to the Hon. Secretary of the Society, Grant of membership will be subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Subscription: The annual subscription and life membership rates for different categories shall be as follows:

India Nationals Life Rs. 2000.00
Foreign Nationals Life US$ 100.00
Institutional Membership Annual Rs. 3,000.00/Regular Rs. 30,000.00